Terms of Use

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1. Basic Terms

  1. The terms of use of the social network Lovendly (hereinafter the Terms).
  2. The User of the Site is a natural or legal person registered on the Site in accordance with the established Terms, who has reached the allowable age under the law for the acceptance of these Terms (hereinafter the User).
  3. “Lovendly” is a set of components in the system, owned by CIS Group, which provides services through the web-site on the network address www.Lovendly.com, including any other web-sites with a Lovendly brand (including sub-domains, payment system LovendlyCredits, international versions, mobile versions and versions for other devices), as well as programs, Lovendly social plugins, widgets, which are compatible with the Lovendly brand and developed currently or in the future (hereinafter the Site).
  4. The Site Administration is the owners of the Site (hereinafter the Administration). All rights for the Site fully belong to the Site Administration.
  5. The Account (hereinafter the Account) is an account created by the User (access to which you receive on the basis of the Login and the Password you chose and indicate during the registration process on the Site), through which the User uses the services of the Site, and also posts the content on the Site.
  6. The registration and any form of use of the Site implies full and unconditional acceptance of the User Privacy Policy, which governs the collection, use and processing by the Administration of the User data and information.
  7. Responsible for the content on the Site are the Users who have posted it. In case of any complaints from other Users, or the Site Administration, please read the information on “How to make a claim of infringement of intellectual property”.
  8. In case of creation or administration of Pages, Business, Groups, Events on the Site, the User agrees to the Terms and recommendations on creation and use of Groups and Pages.

2. Terms and subject-matter of the Terms

  1. The Administration provides Users with the services of the Site on conditions that are the subject-matter of these Terms. Therefore, the User should study carefully the Terms, which are provided by the Administration as a public offer. Registration of the User on this Site indicates unconditional acceptance of all clauses of these Terms and is an Acceptance.
  2. These Terms are developed by the Administration and define the terms of use and development of the Site.
  3. The Terms shall also apply to relations connected with the rights and interests of the third parties who are not Users of the Site, whose rights and interests may be affected by the actions of the Users and the Administration of the Site.
  4. By registering on the Site, THE USER CONFIRMS that he/she has read and agrees to comply with the Terms and to bear the full responsibility for the breach of the Terms, assumes all rights and obligations stated in the Terms, and fully accepts all the following mandatory approvals:
    1. You certify that viewing, reading and downloading of Internet materials contained on the pages of this site (www.Lovendly.com) does not violate the laws of your country (state);
    2. You bear full responsibility for the consequences of your viewing, reading, using or downloading materials contained in these pages and do not intend to shift responsibility to any other legal or natural person;
    3. You will not post false personal information on the Site or create an account on behalf of another person without proper written authorization;
    4. You will submit accurate and reliable contact details and promptly update them;
    5. You will not create more than one personal profile;
    6. You will not create another account without the permission of the Administration, if your account has been blocked for violation of the Terms;
    7. You will not use your personal profile for commercial gain, by posting a third-party advertising;
    8. You will not use the Site, if your age at the time of registration is under 18;
    9. You will not transfer your Account, grant access to your Account to the third parties, otherwise exercise any direct or any other actions that may threaten the security of the Account and the Site;
    10. You will not transfer the page, group, contest, event, business account, etc., that you administer, to anyone without the prior written permission of the Administration;
    11. You will not choose a nickname for your Account, which is a registered trademark, as you are advised that the Administration reserves the right to remove or transfer the rights for its use at its discretion, if the user name (Login, Username) is not directly connected with the real name of the Account holder;
    12. You understand, realize and accept the fact that the Administration cannot always clearly indicate that some services are paid;
  5. You agree that in order to complete the registration you must activate your Account via a message sent to the User's phone number and (or) e-mail.
  6. If you disagree with these Terms, you shall refuse the Registration. In case of disagreement after the adoption of the Terms and the registration, the User shall deactivate the Account in the settings of the Account and to stop further use of the Site.

3. Site Users

  1. The User has the right at any time to refuse using the Services.
  2. The User has the right to use the services of the Site, without violating the existing Agreement.
  3. The User shall comply with the intellectual property rights of other Users.
  4. The User shall comply with the Terms.
  5. The User is solely responsible for the safety of the Account, choosing your own way of storing data for access to it. The User, on the used hardware and software, can allow storing the login and password of the Account (using cookies) for subsequent automatic authorization on the Site.
  6. If the User does not prove the contrary, any act committed with the use of the Account shall be deemed committed by the User. In case of the compromised Account, the use of the Account without the consent of the User, the User shall immediately notify the Administration in accordance with the established manner of any unauthorized access to the Account.
  7. The User as the owner of the information posted on your own personal page is aware that, except for cases stipulated in the Terms and applicable law, the Administration does not take part in creating the content and control of the access by other Users to the personal page of the User.
  8. The User shall keep confidential and unavailable to other Users or third parties any personal data (including, but not limited to home addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, ICQ, passport details, bank information) and information about the private life of other Users or third parties, which have become known to him through communication with other Users of the Site or otherwise, without obtaining prior permission of the latter.
  9. The Users are responsible for their own actions in connection with the creation and posting of information on their own personal page on the Site, as well as in connection with the posting of information on personal pages of other Users, and in other sections of the Site in accordance with the applicable law.

4. Site Administration

  1. After successful registration of the User on the Site the Administration assumes the rights and the duties specified in the Terms.
  2. The Administration shall ensure the confidentiality of the information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
  3. The Administration shall have the right to change the design of the Site, its Content, the list of services, to modify or amend used scripts, software and other objects used or stored on the Site, to introduce new Services, change the scope, nature, price, and ways of rendering Services, including limiting the right of access to the Site with the conditions of filling the personal page to a certain percentage, to impose restrictions of a technical nature: the size, amount and number of attachment files, the presence and amount of line of the attached advertising information; as well as other specifications and parameters, - at any time with or without prior notice, including temporary suspension of the Services.
  4. The administration has the right to dispose of the statistical information related to the operation of the Site, and the information of the User to provide targeted display of the advertising information to different audiences of the Site Users. For the purpose of operation and technical support of the Site and the execution of the Terms, the Administration has the technical ability to access users' personal pages, which is implemented only in cases prescribed by the Terms.
  5. The administration has the right to send information to the User on the development of the Site and its services, as well as to advertise its activities and services.
  6. The Administration is not responsible for any technical malfunction or other problems of any telephone network or service, computer systems, servers or providers, computer or phone equipment, software, failure of email services, or scripts for technical reasons.
  7. The Administration refuses any warranty that the Site or its services may or may not be suitable for specific purposes of use. The Administration cannot guarantee and does not promise any specific results from the use of the Site.
  8. The Administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the information or promotional materials or their compliance with the wishes or needs of the User.

5. Site is available only for your personal non-commercial use.

By using the Site, you confirm that you are fully aware that the material posted by you on the Site or with it, could potentially violate legally protected property rights and (or) personal non-property rights of the third parties, including exclusive rights for the intellectual property, and could also contain information prohibited to dissemination.

6. Users of the Site ARE PROHIBITED:

  1. To tag Users or send e-invitations to persons who are or are not the Users, without their consent;
  2. To send mass advertising and other communications (spam) Antispam Policy, except when such communications are initiated by the recipients or are arranged with their consent;
  3. To use the Services to send correspondence or dissemination of information, the content of which is contrary to the laws of the country or international law;
  4. To accumulate or collect email addresses or other contact information of the Site Users, using automated or other means (such as bots that collect information, robot programs, “spiders” or scrapers);
  5. To use the Site in any manner that could interfere with the normal functioning of the Site and its services, that can cause damage, excessive load, or impair the normal functioning of the Site, cause service failure, undermine the security of the Site and (or) the Users;
  6. To misinform the Users regarding your identity, using the login and the password of another Registered User;
  7. Except as set forth in the Terms and applicable law, no Content may be copied (reproduced), processed, distributed, displayed in the frame, published, downloaded, transferred, sold or otherwise used in whole or in part, without the prior permission of the rights holder, except when the holder explicitly expressed its consent to the use of the material by another person;
  8. The right to use the trade name, trademark, Site’s logos, domain names and other distinctive signs that are in near resemblance as to be likely, may be granted only upon written permission of the Site Administration;
  9. To contribute to the violations of these Terms, or encourage such violations.

7. Rights for the content posted on the Site.

  1. These Terms set the conditions under which the right to use information and intellectual property (including but not limited to literary, musical, audiovisual works and phonograms, graphics and design works, photographic works, programs and scripts – hereinafter the Content) as part of separate sections of the Site, may belong to the Site Administration, Site Users and other persons, who have themselves created and (or) posted these objects on the Site without direct involvement of the Site Administration.
  2. By posting any material or information which is subject to intellectual property rights (hereinafter the Content) on the Site, with regard to your privacy settings, you grant the Administration the transferrable, sub-licensable, royalty free, global license. On the basis of this License the Administration gets the exclusive right to use your Content by copying, public execution, reproduction, processing, translation and distribution for purposes of the Site or in connection therewith, including site promotion, with the preservation of the copyright. For these purposes, the Administration may make derivative works, or embed your Content as components into the respective collections, to perform other actions that serve these purposes. The license ends when you delete the Content, except when your Content was passed on to others, and they have not removed it.
  3. The Content is removed irretrievably. Despite this, the removed Content can be stored as backup within a reasonable period of time.
  4. The use of the Content of other Users, to which you have gained access solely for your personal, non-commercial use, is permitted, subject to maintaining all signs of authorship (copyrights) or other notices of authorship, saving the name of the author intact, preserving the product intact and subject to the permission of the rights holder.
  5. In case of receipt of a motivated complaint from the applicable rights holder concerning the violation of his rights protected by law, the Administration reserves the right to apply towards the offender the measures stipulated by the Terms;
  6. Unless otherwise expressly state in the Terms, nothing can be considered as a transfer of exclusive rights.

8. Liability for violation of the exclusive rights.

  1. You are solely responsible for any Content or other information that you upload or otherwise communicate to the public (post) on the Site or through it. You may not upload, transmit or publish Content on the Site, if it was not created by you personally or you do not have the permission of its holder.
  2. The Content, posted by the Users, is not subject to mandatory inspection by the Administration prior to its publication, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Administration on various issues. The Administration makes no warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to any Content, its accuracy, completeness or reliability.
  3. You are solely responsible for the safety of the Content (backup creation) that you post or store on the Site.
  4. If the Administration of the Site removes your materials for copyright infringement, and you consider that they have been deleted by mistake, you will have the opportunity to appeal against these actions.
  5. If you repeatedly violate intellectual property rights, the Administration may block your Account if it considers it appropriate.

9. Sites and Content of the third parties.

  1. The Site contains (or may contain) links to other web-sites of the third parties as well as articles, photographs, illustrations, graphics, music, sound, video, information, applications, software and other Content belonging to or originating from the third parties (Content of the third parties), with or without the use of the peer-to-peer systems).
  2. These third parties and their Content may not be verified by the Administration for compliance with these or those requirements (accuracy, completeness, integrity, etc.). Administration is not responsible for any information posted on the third party sites to which you have gained access through the Site or through third party Content, including, inter alia, any opinions or statements expressed on the third party websites or in their Content.
  3. Links or instructions posted on the Site concerning the uploading of files and (or) the installation of the third party software is not an affirmation or approval of these actions by the Administration.
  4. Reference to any site, product, and service, any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature on the Site is not an affirmation or recommendation of these products (services) by the Administration.
  5. If you decide to leave the Site and go to the sites of the third parties, to use or install third party programs, you do so at your own risk, and from this moment these Terms are invalid.

10. Limitation of liability.

  1. Appeals, suggestions and complaints of individuals and legal entities to the Administration in connection with these Terms and all issues on the operation of the Site, violation of the rights and interests of the third parties when you use it, as well as requests, authorized by the law in your country.
  2. In case of doubt regarding the legality of certain actions, including the posting of information or providing access, the Administration recommends to refrain from execution of the latter.
  3. The Administration provides technical possibility to use the Site by the Users, is not involved in forming the content of personal pages of the Users and does not control and is not responsible for the acts or omissions of any person with regards to the Site use or the formation and use of the content of personal pages of the Users on the Site.
  4. The Site information system and its software have no solutions that automatically censor and control the activities and information of the Users on the use of the Site.
  5. The Administration of the Site provides operation, performance, recovery of the Site in case of technical failures and interruptions. The Administration shall not be liable for any errors, omissions, interruptions, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, for temporary failures and interruptions in the Site functioning and resulting loss of information. The Administration is not responsible for any damage to the computer of the User or another person, mobile devices, any other hardware or software, caused by or in connection with downloading materials from the Site or from the links posted on the Site.
  6. You should take precautions when downloading any files from the Site or links posted on it, including any software. By using the Site you agree that you download any material at your own risk and are solely responsible for the consequences of your use of these materials, including for damage it may cause to your computer or any third party, for loss of data or any other damage which may be invoked. The Administration strongly recommends using only licensed software, including anti-virus software.
  7. Under no circumstances shall the Site Administration, or its representatives be liable to User or to third parties for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage, including lost profit or lost data, damage to the honor, dignity or business reputation, caused in connection with the use of the Site, its Content or other materials that to which you or other persons have gained access through the Site, even if the Administration warned or pointed to the possibility of such harm, as well as for any damage or loss of profit, both of the User and any third parties, even if it resulted from the use or inability to use the Services.
  8. The Administration shall be exempt from the liability in case of full or partial loss of information of the User, if such loss was caused by intentional or careless actions of the User himself (deleting messages, running files and malicious programs, etc.).
  9. The Administration is not responsible for the complete or partial failure of its obligations, as well as any damages under these Terms if the failure or improper performance is force majeure, results of force majeure, such as: natural disasters, riots, war or military operations, announcement of the state of emergency, government actions, economic disputes of any kind, labor disputes of any nature, fire, failure of telecommunications, failure of the third party software, flood, lightning, explosions, power outages or any other actions or negligence of a person or organization beyond the control of the Administration, and as a result of intentional unlawful acts of the third parties aimed at failure of the functioning of the Site.
  10. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Services of the Site, information materials published by the Site and its partners, software used to provide Services, and Site design are protected by copyright laws and acts of international law applicable in this field.
  11. The use and quoting of such materials is permitted only with reference to the Site and the partners that have provided such materials.
  12. The User shall resolve any claims, causes of action or disputes (hereinafter the Claims) with the Administration, arising out of or relating to the Terms or the Site, and any claims that might arise between the Users and the Administration are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction of the country, in which Company Group LTD is registered, without reference to its conflict of laws principles.
  13. If someone submits a claim to the Administration in connection with the User's actions, materials or information on the Site, the User warrants Administration to compensate damages and protects against any damages, losses and expenses of any kind (including reasonable attorney fees and expenses) in connection with such claim.
  14. You use the Site relying on your own risk. We provide the Site, including all scripts, applications, content and design of the site “as is” without any expressed or implied warranties, including, without limitation, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. We do not guarantee safety or security of the Site. The Administration shall not be liable in the event of unavailability of the Site, any interruption in the operation of the Site (delay, failures, safety and reliability of delivery of correspondence, safety of any user information, etc.). The Site or its services may be at any given time, partially or completely, unavailable due to preventive or other works or for other technical reasons. The Administration has the right to carry out the necessary preventive or other work in its sole discretion with prior notice to users or without it; the Administration is not responsible for the actions, materials, information or data of the third parties, and you release us, our directors, officials, employees and agents from any and all claims and damages, known and unknown, arising out of any of your claims against such third party or in any way associated with it. We will not be liable to you for any lost profit or other indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages that result from this claim or in connection with it, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Our aggregate liability arising in connection with the claim will not exceed $ 100 (one hundred U.S. dollars) or the amount you paid us for the last twelve months, depending on what is more. The applicable law may not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages, in connection with which the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. In such cases, the liability of the Administration will be limited to the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law.

11. Procedure of changes and amendments to the Terms.

  1. The Administration reserves the right at its sole discretion to change and (or) amend the Terms at any time without prior and (or) further notice. The Terms are an open and public document. The current revision of the Terms is available in the Internet at: https://lovendly.com/info/terms/. Continuation of use of the Site by the User after making changes and (or) amendments to the Terms constitutes acceptance of or consent to such changes and (or) amendments.
  2. Changes and (or) amendments to the Terms shall be made unilaterally by the decision of the Site Administration, and changes and (or) amendments of the Administration to the Terms on its own initiative shall enter into force three days after their approval by the Administration.
  3. Changes and (or) amendments to the Terms by the Administration in connection with a change in the law shall come into force simultaneously with the entry into force of changes in these acts of legislation.
  4. The content of the changes and (or) amendments of the Terms or their new revision can be made available by the Administration to the public by publishing the relevant information on the Site, as well as by sending emails or private messages to the Users with the relevant information.
  5. The user who received the email containing the content of the changes and (or) amendments of the Terms, shall be obliged to read it.
  6. In case of disagreement with the changes and (or) amendments, the User shall terminate the Terms, i.e. to refuse further use of the Site by cancelling the registration and deactivation of the Account.
  7. The provisions of the Terms, as well as of all subsequent revisions, shall be binding for all Users of the Site, including previously registered.
  8. The Administration reserves the right to make changes for legal or administrative reasons, or to correct inaccurate provisions, giving notice or without it.
  9. All our rights and duties in accordance with these Terms may be freely assigned by us in connection with a merger, acquisition or sale of assets or due to law requirements, or otherwise.

12. Final provisions.

  1. These Terms shall supersede all previous Terms between you and the Administration.
  2. All matters not governed by the Terms shall be resolved in accordance with applicable laws and local regulations of the Site.
  3. The Terms shall enter into force for the User from the moment of his registration and shall be valid for an indefinite period.
  4. The Terms are made in Russian and may be provided to the Users for information in another language. To the extent any translated version of the Terms conflicts with the Russian version, the Russian version controls.
  5. The loss of effect of any provision of the Terms, it’s recognition of being illegal or excluded from the Terms shall not entail the invalidity of the remaining provisions of the Terms, which shall remain in full force and binding for all Parties.
  6. If we fail to enforce any part of the Terms, it shall not be deemed a waiver of the Terms.
  7. You will not transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Terms to anyone else without our consent.
  8. We appreciate your feedback or other suggestions to improve the Site, but you unconditionally agree that we can use them without incurring any obligations to pay for such proposals, but also at our sole discretion may encourage them in any form convenient for the Administration.
  9. The Administration reserves the right without prior notice at its sole discretion to modify or delete any information posted by the User, if it considers that the nature or the content of this information violates the law, is offensive, harms, or threatens the safety of other users or third parties, violates the rights and lawful interests of other citizens or violates the Terms.
  10. The Administration reserves the right to suspend the provision of services, to limit access completely or partially to all or any section or services of the Site, at any time without giving any reason, with or without prior notice thereof, without being responsible for any harm that may be caused to you by such actions.
  11. The User may deactivate the Account at any time. In all such cases, the Terms shall cease to have effect, but the certain provisions shall still apply.
  12. The Terms grant no rights to third party beneficiaries.

13. Payments.

  1. Fees and Payments.

    Although You may register as a Guest Member of the Service for free, You may be required to pay a subscription fee ("Fee") upon submitting Your Application (as defined below) to become a Full Member which will enable You to use certain Paid Features (as defined below) of the Service. Although We may offer discounted Fee rates or promotional pricing for Full Membership from time to time in Our sole discretion, where You submit an Application to become a Full Member, the payment method that You provide upon said Application for Full Membership, or have provided previously to be saved in your file, (i.e. credit card or debit card, checking account) (collectively, "Active Payment Method") will be charged the Fee applicable, with all such potential Fees set forth on the Subscription Page on a monthly basis for Your ongoing Full Membership, until cancelled. From time to time, you may be presented with new subscription options or special offers at different price points on the Subscription Page.

    If you select an option to purchase a subscription for multiple months at a discounted rate, you will be charged in a single installment for the full amount for the entire advertised period. (For example, if you selected a 3 month plan at $24.99 per month, you would be charged in one installment of $74.97). Under some circumstances, at the sole discretion of the Company, a subscription charge may be split into two or more installments and billed at various intervals, without, however, changing the total amount due for the advertised period or the renewal date for the subsequent period. For the purposes of any multiple-month subscription plan, a month is defined as a period of 30 days. Each subscription plan is available only for the full time period explicitly associated with it, and cannot be pro-rated to a fraction of said time period.

    The Fees will appear on the applicable Active Payment Method statement through the identifier "Lovendly.com" or by the domain name of the Company Site through which you accessed the page upon which you entered your payment information. You agree that all such Fees may be automatically applied to Your Active Payment Method, and that You have the authority to authorize such billing. All Fees are non-refundable, except as set forth to the contrary in the Agreement or where Company gives prior notice to the contrary, in its sole discretion.

    For so long as Your Full Membership remains active, the Fees will accrue on the monthly (or weekly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, depending on the Subscription plan that you have selected) anniversary date of Your sign-up, and such Fees will be charged in advance. You acknowledge and agree that Company will not obtain additional authorization from You for each installment of the Fees charged to Your Active Payment Method. Every time that You use the Paid Features, You re-affirm that Company is authorized to charge Your Active Payment Method.

    You shall be responsible for paying any and all applicable sales tax (if any) due to all taxing authorities arising from, or in connection with, Your use of the Paid Features. All Fees are payable in the currency specified on the Subscription Page. Failure to use the Paid Features does not constitute a basis for refusing to pay any of the associated Fees. You agree to be bound by the pricing and billing practices of Company in effect at any given time. Upon prior written notice to You (with e-mail sufficing), Company reserves the right to change its pricing and/or billing practices whenever necessary, in its sole discretion. Continued use of the Paid Features after receipt of such notice shall constitute consent to any and all such changes. If You do not agree with these changes, or for any other reason, You may cancel Your Full Membership at any time as set forth below. Where You fail to make any scheduled payment for accrued Fees, such overdue amounts will be subject to interest charges in the amount of the lesser of one and one half percent (1.5%) per month, compounded monthly, or the maximum permitted by law. Your access to the Company Offerings may be denied for non-payment.

    Company's authorization to provide and bill its Paid Features is obtained by way of Your electronic signature or, where applicable, via physical signature and/or voice affirmation. Once an electronic signature is submitted, this electronic order constitutes an electronic letter of agency. Company's reliance upon Your electronic signature was specifically sanctioned and written into law when the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Transactions Act were enacted in 1999 and 2000, respectively. Both laws specifically preempt all state laws that recognize only paper and handwritten signatures.

    We may use credit card processors or banks outside the United States to process Your transactions. In some instances, Your bank or credit card issuer may charge You a small "foreign transaction fee." Before purchasing any Service, please check with Your bank or credit card issuer for more information about its policies regarding foreign transaction fees.

  2. Trial Membership.

    From time to time We may offer, at low cost or at no cost, a Trial Membership ("Trial") lasting a specified period of time. A Trial provides users with access to the same Paid Features as a Full Membership. You must provide Your Active Credit Card information in order to obtain a Trial. The duration of a Trial is indicated in the description of said Trial on the application Company Site, using "Day" as a unit of measurement. The term "Day" in this context denotes a period of exactly Twenty-Four (24) hours, and You shall interpret it as such when calculating the duration of a Trial (e.g.: a "3-Day Trial" would last exactly seventy-two (72) hours from the time of registration for said Trial). If You do not cancel Your Membership before the end of the specified Trial period, You will be automatically upgraded to Full Member status and Your Active Credit Card will billed, or rebilled, the applicable Fee, on a monthly basis for as long as Your Full Membership remains active.

  3. Reactivation.

    Members who have previously subscribed for a Trial or a Full Membership and have cancelled said Trial or Full Membership may be offered an option entitled "Reactivate Your Membership." If You choose to Reactivate Your Membership, You will be charged the Fees for a Full Membership immediately upon reactivation. Unless you actively select the option to pay with a different credit card, these Fees will be applied to the same Active Credit Card that You used when You signed up for Your previous Trial or Full Membership. If said Active Credit Card is refused by Our billing system, You will be prompted to enter new billing information. After You Reactive Your Membership, You will be rebilled the applicable Fee automatically every thirty (30) days (or weekly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, depending on the Subscription plan that you have selected) thereafter until You cancel Your Full Membership.

  4. Cancellation.

    You may cancel Your Membership at any time by following the cancellation request procedure indicated on the applicable Company Site. If You cancel Your subscription before the end of the Trial period, You will not be rebilled, You will lose Your access to Paid Features at the end of the Trial period and You will be returned to Guest Member status. When You cancel a Full Membership, You will remain a Full Member with access to Paid Features until the end of Your already-paid billing cycle. At the end of said billing cycle, Your access to Paid Features will be suspended. You may renew Your Full Membership at any time by following the instructions on the applicable Company Site. Any Fees previously paid up to the date of cancellation or termination of Your Membership will not be refunded and You will remain liable for any and all unpaid Fees already billed by Company.

    Company is not responsible for Membership cancellation requests that are not properly completed, nor for subscriptions purchased through a 3rd party. Cancellation requests filed properly through the applicable Company Site will be processed immediately. Cancellations requests submitted via telephone or email will be handled during normal business hours in the order they are received. It is Your sole responsibility to submit cancellation requests properly and with enough time to ensure that Your request for cancellation may be processed prior to the subsequent rebilling period. Receipts for subscriptions and confirmations of cancellation will be sent to You via email. It is Your sole responsibility to provide a correct email address upon registering for the Service in order to obtain such receipts and confirmations.

  5. Refunds.

    You may cancel Your Membership for a refund, without any penalty or obligation under two (2) specific conditions, as outlined below:

    1. Within three (3) days after the date that you subscribe for a three day trial or reactivation; or
    2. Within three (3) days after each time Your Active Credit Card is billed for Reactivation of Your Membership or for any monthly Fees.

    In order to cancel Your subscription under this Cancellation With Refund Policy You must cancel Your Membership as set forth above.

    To apply for a refund under this 3-Day Cancellation With Refund Policy you must mail or deliver a signed original letter stating your FULL NAME, your Lovendly.com Nickname, the billing address used for your subscription, your email address and your desire to cancel and apply for a refund. This notification must be postmarked no more than 72 hours after the initial date of the subscription, reactivation or rebill for which you wish to claim a refund. This right to refund does NOT include charges from previous billing periods. Under this policy, you are entitled to only one refund. Any requests for a refund on a subsequent subscription will be refused. Please note that Members who continue to use the paid features of the Company Offerings after the three (3)-day period following the subscription, reactivation or rebill in question are not entitled to a refund under this policy.