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Lovendly™ is an online dating site that helps you to come across various people no matter whether they are Lovendly™ users or users of other popular social networking sites. Lovendly™ is based on the state-of-art technology called Hivens Intelico Search™ BigData that allows you to use more than 30 searching criteria. There have already been 8 million users. More than 30 000 people join Lovendly™ every day. More than 20 000 users meet up and spend their time together on daily basis.

Lovendly™ makes people happy every day!

Lovendly™ helps you to find a person who suits you the most according to your current state of mind. For instance, people who have pets might meet up for a walk with their pets. Let’s cook dinner together, if you like cooking. If you enjoy cycling, you can have a ride together. If you are up to the cinema, do it with your partner right now.

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Meet people around you in any of 50 states! Select your location and the way you would like to spend time and other users will find you!

Meet People of All Ages, Races, and Religions on Lovendly™

No matter who you are interested in, Lovendly™ is an online dating service for you. On the Lovendly™ site, you are able to find people you are compatible with in terms of love, romance, friendship, and fun. Lovendly™ is for adults of all ages, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations. Lovendly's™ members are lawyers, doctors, bankers, musicians etc. You can find people who would love to share your interests and hobbies. Lovendly™ is a perfect place to make an instant connection.

Be happier with Lovendly today!

We pay great attention to the privacy and protection of your personal data. All the information is sought only in open and public sources in order to unite people with the common interests and desire to meet up and be happy today! Lovendly offers you a search of more than 10 sites. You can find a desired user profile on a social network or a dating site by using the Hivens Intelico Search™ (HIS™) on Lovendly™.