Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is part of the Terms of Use, which you should read. The registration and any form of use of the Site implies full and unconditional acceptance of the User Privacy Policy, which governs the collection, use and processing by the Site Administration of the User data and information.

1. Introduction

  1. The Site Administration undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of the Personal information provided by the User while completing the registration form, except in cases where the provision of such information is a prerequisite for the provision of Services or where the provision of such information is required by the law of the country.
  2. If the User decides to download the contacts, he confirms that the invitation via the Email (electronic mail) will be sent on his behalf to the Email addresses of the contacts that have been downloaded. The site stores the names and Email addresses of the contacts for their further automatic identification with those who sent the invitation. The administration does not sell Email addresses that were obtained during services rendering.
  3. The Administration has the right to dispose of statistical information for the purpose of organizing operation and technical support of the Site and the execution of the Terms and the Privacy Policy. The Administration also has the technical ability to access personal pages of the Users that can be used only in cases prescribed by the Terms and the Privacy Policy.
  4. The Administration also reminds that if at the time of registration you are under 18, registration on the site is prohibited.

2. Information that we collect

  1. The Site Administration is entitled to store the following information about all Users:
    1. Any profile information provided by the User (User Profile Info, ratings, comments, blogs, opinions, flirting, photos, videos, events, links, groups, business pages, and others, including settings and administrative information (such as Username, Email, password, etc.);
    2. Any information published by the User on other pages of the Users and (or) sent to other Users or the Administration through the Site (messages sent to other users, ratings, publications, etc.);
    3. The balance of the internal payment system LovendlyCredits, accounts and the transaction history;
    4. Privacy Settings, Blacklist;
    5. IP (Internet Protocol)-address and the addresses of the requested pages;
    6. Time, date, and URL, or all visited Web pages;
    7. URL of the referencing web sites;
    8. Advanced queries;
    9. Information of the Internet browser (user-agent), the full name and version of the browser and the operating system);
    10. Cookies. The web site uses cookies to identify the User of the Site, to remember the preferred language, and to facilitate navigation on the Site.
    Cookies are small pieces of data stored by the Internet browser at the request of the Internet server. Cookies contain a very limited amount of information, and are mainly used to identify a user, or save custom settings for the session with the browser. Cookies are also used to allow advertisers to identify the user on different websites.
  2. The User can disable cookies in the Internet browser, but then some part of the Site might cease to function and (or) to work correctly. Read how to do it on the site

3. How we use information

We use the information provided by the User in order:

  1. To publish the information identified as “public”, according to the conditions specified in the privacy settings;
  2. To use the Site correctly in accordance with the User’s settings;
  3. To arrange general administration;
  4. To analyze the statistics of use of the Site;
  5. To process payments and arrange transactions;
  6. To improve the Site;
  7. To send messages about the Site, as well as about other our products and services (choose to receive such messages on the notification settings page);
  8. To provide advertising that is appropriate for the User’s profile;
  9. To make marketing researches;
  10. The profile can be used by other Sites in the CIS network, to provide the User with the targeted advertising. Sites may combine personal information collected on the Site with personal information from other sources;
  11. To investigate cases of fraud and breach of the Terms;
  12. To generate anonymous statistics about users and the website, to improve it or to provide general statistical information to the third parties;
  13. The User has the right to prohibit the use of his personal information for marketing purposes.

4. Information that the third party can obtain

  1. Information to identify the User, such as a password, is not available to the third parties. This information may be available only to the User;
  2. Publishing of the Content and other information using the “available to all” privacy settings means that the User allows everyone, including people who are not registered on the Site, to get access to this information and use it, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture);
  3. Email address is never transmitted to the third parties. Note that when specifying Email in the account profile, such information will be available depending on your privacy settings;
  4. For targeted advertising, we provide our advertising providers with the information about the type of the browser of the User, IP address, URL of the current and previous page (and the search query), age, gender and geographic location. This information can then be used by other web sites to display and manage targeted advertising;
  5. The Administration never shares personal information with the third parties, except when the formal consent of the User was given. For example, if the User wants to install an application, to which then he will allow access to the personal information, the User acknowledges that applications are developed and operated by the third parties and not by the Administration of the Site;
  6. The Administration shall be obliged to provide access to User’s personal data in case of illegal activities in accordance with the law.

5. Storage period and location

  1. Information published by the User is stored for 6 months after the removal of this information. The User can at any time remove his profile.
  2. The history and logs are stored for 6 months after the creation of the element of history, or log entry.
  3. Cookies used on the site are active for 100 days. The User can delete cookies, following the instructions on this web page.
  4. Information can be stored in the EU countries, and in CIS and the USA - depending on where the storage server is located.

6. How to change or delete information

  1. The User can get free access to the personal data and edit them through the Account possibilities.
  2. The User can get access to his history and logs by sending a request to the Administration with a copy of the passport proving the identity.

7. Your use of third party information

  1. If you collect information about other Site Users, you should obtain the consent of other Users, and to explain that their information is collected exactly by you (and not by the Administration), and to place information about the rules of personal data storage with an explanation of what data you collect and how you intend to use it.
  2. You cannot use information of other Users for commercial purposes, to engage in spam, threaten, or commit other illegal activities. The Administration reserves the right to restrict or block access to Users who abuse the collection of information about other Users, or otherwise violate the Terms of Use.

8. How we protect information

  1. In order to ensure the security of personal data of the User, access to the data on the Site is password protected, and the exchange of confidential data (such as information when making payments using a bank card) between the User's browser, the Site and the used payment system uses encryption to protect the SSL. In addition, in order to protect all data stored by the User on the Site servers, regularly check of the system for vulnerabilities and attacks is arranged, and the center of the data storage and processing uses multi-level protection, which includes a card-key, PIN-cards and biometric access codes for all inputs, as well as motion sensors. In addition there is a round-the-clock video surveillance with recording. Records are kept for about 90 days.
  2. Personal data provided by the User are protected using industry standards and advanced technologies. As far as the Internet is not a completely secure environment, it is impossible to ensure or warrant the security of all information transmitted by the Users to the Site. There is no guarantee that information will not be reviewed, disclosed, altered or destroyed by the denial or overcoming any physical, technical and administrative protection measures.
  3. E-mails, instant messages and similar means of communication with other Site Users are not encrypted, therefore the transfer of any confidential information using them is not recommended.

9. Miscellaneous

  1. The Administration reserves the right to disclose the User’s personal information in accordance with the law in cases when the Administration determines that disclosure is necessary to protect the rights of the Administration and (or) it is a requirement of the court, as well as in case of a lawsuit n the situation arising from the use of the Site.
  2. By registering on the partner site, the User provides personal data to our partner, the privacy policy of which may differ from this privacy policy of the Site. The Administration recommends reading the privacy policy posted on the partner site.
  3. The User is responsible for maintaining the secrecy and the unique password and account data, and also for controlling access to the e-mail.
  4. The Administration reserves the right at its sole discretion, partly or completely, to change and (or) to supplement this Privacy Policy at any time without prior and (or) further notice. This Privacy Policy is an open and public document. The current revision of the Privacy Policy is located in the Internet at the address: Continued use of the Site by the User after changes and (or) amendments to this Privacy Policy means the adoption and acceptance by the User of such changes and (or) amendments.