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searching fora lover

Region: Colorado


Could you be love and be loved?????

Region: Colorado


Nice guy looking to meet a nice girl

Region: Colorado



Region: Colorado


Looking to have a good time

Region: Colorado


Bright, Classy, Attractive

Region: Colorado


Lonewolf seek mate

Region: Colorado


I'm a mobile user

Region: Colorado


I'm a mobile user

Region: Colorado


Ready and Willing to be the one 4 You

Region: Colorado


Thanks for taking the tI'me to read my profile. Well a little about me. I am seeking a genuine woman. You must be a one man woman looking for a one woman man and a lasting relationship leading to marriage. If you are honest, dependable, compassionate, giving of yourself, fun-loving, and love to laugh a lot, then we have some things in common. If you are looking for a handsome face and body, well it think then you will have to move onto next page. Superficial beauty is just that. It goes away with tI'me. Beauty coming from the heart is true and lasts forever. That is what I have to give the "winner" of my heart. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We all see beauty differently. Don't underestI'mate what lies beneath my outward appearance. I am genuine and put on no false performances. I want someone in my life who will make me feel loved and pampered. Stop on your way home and pick some wild flowers for me, or call me from where ever you are just to say, "I love you" and you are thinking of me. I take good care of myself, financially/emotionally secure, athletic and fun. I enjoy new adventures, travelling, music like rock, blues, jazz, concerts, cooking, movies, riding my Trek bike, sunsets, romantic candle light evenings, art, walks, golf, horseback riding, communication. I enjoy the ocean and walks on the beach. I have great integrity, passionate, willing to support a woman's interests and desires. I believe in balance to the mind, body, heart and spirit. The reality is that I truly do seek a lasting relationship. For this to happen we should be compatible emotionally, intellectually, socially, spiritually, physically and yes sexually. Even with all this, love must exist and there must be that ever-elusive "spark. " In essence, I seek the proverbial "Total Package. " Rather than "settling" for someone I could not be happy with, I seek someone I cannot I'magine living without (a subtle yet I'mportant distinction) for a lifetI'me together filled with passion (both in and outside the bedroom), intensity and bliss. I do not have a particular physical "type" that appeals to me. Rather, I tend to look at the entire package, especially personality. At the same tI'me, appearance is an I'mportant factor for me. I enjoy the "little things" in life that come from your heart, not your purse. I do not want nor do I need "things" in my life. I want all the things money cannot buy. Can you afford me? I have never experienced real, true love with a woman. Can you show me what that is? I would enjoy bubble baths together, back rubs, walks in the woods, soft music, slow dancing, candle light, a warm, glowing fire, a glass of wine and you kissing me on my lips ever so tenderly. I want a woman with a gentle hand and a firm hug. Turn me on with kisses on my neck, whispers in my ear, hugs anytI'me of the day, a soft hand on my back, intI'mate talk, and appropriate public displays of affection. If you are a sensual woman, you will know exactly what to do to get me to succumb to your charms. I look forward to your strong arms around me as we share our hidden passions. The "right " woman will appreciate me. In a crowded room, she will see only me. Tell me about your feelings and your dreams. Don't be afraid to cry and show your vulnerable side. I like a woman who will show her emotions and not be embarrassed. I do not want to change you. That is I'mpossible, unrealistic, and selfish. If I like what you can offer me in a relationship, why would I change you?The purpose of this profile is to let you know what I am looking for in a woman and a relationship. If you cannot give me what I seek, then don't waste my tI'me or yours. Be yourself. Don't try to I'mpress me, show off, brag or boast. Those are turn-offs. Be proud, but modest, of who you are and what you have accomplished in life. If what I have said interests you so far, Smile and we can go into more details with each other. I am looking for an honest, meaningful, and lasting relationship with that "special" woman who is looking for the same.

Region: Colorado


I live my life through the word of God, I just want you to know that in me you are going to find a woman that was blessed with an over abundance of passion to give to the one i share my heart and soul with. I'm open minded, i respect other's ideas and listen to them so I expect to be listened to, because I wait for my turn to speak. I'm witty and have a great sense of humor, I think our destiny is something we discover every day, according to how we face it, what we do and what we don't and I doubt there's a second chance for a first good I'mpression.

Region: Colorado


I'm sexy sI'mple & laid back seeking the same. Age race unI'mportant ju s come correct or dont come @ all ...

Region: Colorado


I'm looking 4 a real man that can take care of me. I'm looking for conversation. I don't like to sit around and do nuthin I like to have fun.

Region: Colorado


I'm a student at the UW studying sociology. I work part-tI'me and currently looking for my own place. I like to read, watch movies, shop, work out, bake. I like to try new things!

Region: Colorado


I'm a pretty laid back guy but love to go out and have fun! I love cars and anything that goes fast. I am an auto technician so I live my passion everyday. Outside of that, nice dinners, movies, regular golf and mini golf, bowling ir any other fun activities I'm game for. Not looking for anything too serious but if it happens it happens!

Region: Colorado


I'm a 25 year old single dad I have a 3 month old dauther and a 2year old son who both live with me. Ask me anything

Region: Colorado


we're all little weird. and life's a little weird. and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up in mutual weirdness and call it love. holding onto broken hearts, memories are whats left of us. your trying too hard to be my friend. and I'm placing all our pictures in those broken frames to remind me never to fall in love again. tI'me stands still when no one understands you and you don't quite understand yourself. today didn't have to be this way. tomorrow is another day, another chance to make things right. we're friends, real friends and that means no matter how long it takes when you finally do decide to look back ill be here. don't give up on love because there is always someone who loves you even if its not the person you were hoping for. if someone really likes you they will listen to what you have to say and not what he hears from others. you know you're in love when you see that someone and your heart flutters and your stomach gets butterflies and the rest of the world dissappers. I'm glade your happy. really. I'm glade your in love. just remember no matter how many guys/girls come nad go well always be together. friends last longer then lovers. i promise when were old were gonna be best friends chasing each other around in our motor scooters all day long. I'm not afraid to fall. it just means i clI'mbed to high. either way it shows at least i tried. my best friends are like fairytales. they've been there since once upon a tI'me. and will be there until forever after. to hell with my pride tonight i want to cry. its completely I'mpossible to find someone who wont hurt you. so go for that someone who will make the pain worthwhile. love is jsut a serial killer. and were all innocent victI'ms. spare me three last words. i love you is all i heard. if you really want them tell them. because they can wait but they wont wait forever. lets set the record straight ... no one makes me smile quite like you do. everything we've gone through and everything we've accomplished can never be explained in words. dramas made for movies not reality. i don't care about your I'mperfections that's what makes me adore you, P. S I am engaged so I'm only here for one thing ... and that is for friends ... thank you ...

Region: Colorado


I'm an independent young woman with an old fashion kinda of style. I have split personalities, I can be sweet and cute but I'm also feisty and cruel, when pissed off. I'm a full blown anI'mal lover and I like guys who show their soft side more then their tough side. It's very easy to make me blush, I blush when I laugh, do something stupid and I even blush when I don't notice it at all. I've never had a relationship before, but I'm not easily persuaded, and I have standards as well. I like to have fun, be weird and crazy, and I love to play sports and sometI'mes dance. I don't show off much of my body, cause I'm not small, but I love an off the shoulder shirt or a no shoulder shirt. I spend most of my tI'me at home on the computer or at work with my co-workers and friends. I plan on going to college in the future to either be a cosmetologist, I love to play with people's hair, nails and make up, or a computer tech, because I'm all about computers. I'm not a hard person to talk to, but you have to at least say hi to get me going, so go for it, I don't bite.

Region: Colorado


Well hey there the names Chris and I'm weird. Yea you read that right I'm also very honest. I have a goofy type personality I am one of a kind. I'm independent, have my own place. I'm here to meet that special someone and believe me I've met some real special people here just not the kinda special I had in mind. I currently work for 5/3rd bank as a shift lead and love my job. As long as you believe in God, don't foam at the mouth and see dead people feel free to write me. Also if you hate cuddling then go away your just evil :p, My kik is chrishall1986 you can write me there I won't ask for your number there's to many weirdos on here sending girls penis pictures from what I hear.

Region: Colorado

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